Bob Eisnaugle carried two baskets of red, white, and blue
wave petunias to their appointed spot as others waited for more
hanging baskets to be unloaded from Adam Davis’ truck.


Spring Was Busting Out All Over

A riot of colorful flowers sprung up all over the lawn at Scott and Kayla Massie’s Gay Street home on May 3 as the annual pre-order flower sale took place.

Thanks to Adam Davis and his outstanding crew at Marvin’s Gardens, we were able to offer the finest hanging baskets, ferns, hanging bags, bowls of impatiens, geraniums by the hundreds, and flat after flat of bedding plants.

Board members scrambled to unload Adam’s two truck loads of goodies and sort out the orders all morning long. After double checking orders, folks climbed into their vehicles and began running a variety of delivery routes.

It made for one hectic day but proceeds went right into keeping the doors of the Markay open for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to all those who helped and extra thanks to all those who placed an order. Our biggest thanks go to Scott and Kayla for lending us their wonderful circular driveway.

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The lawn at Scott and Kayla Massie’s home was awash with
flats, pots, bags, and baskets of colorful blooms as Southern Hills
held its annual pre-order Flower Sale on May 3.