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Bob Eisnaugle carried two baskets of red, white, and blue
wave petunias to their appointed spot as others waited for more
hanging baskets to be unloaded from Adam Davis’ truck.

Southern Hills Arts Council Pre-Order Flower Sale 2016

As you plan your summer landscape, please help us keep the doors of the Markay Cultural Arts Center open by ordering your hanging baskets and bedding plants through us. We get our supplies from Marvin’s Gardens. The family is carrying on Marvin’s outstanding practices. The greenhouses are filed with leafy green, flower laden, healthy plants. Best guess for last frost date is early May. Please place your order by Friday, April 15. We’ll have your plants ready for you on Saturday, April 30. You can pick up your order at the home of Scott and Kayla Massie, 125 Gay Street, Jackson, from Noon to 2 p.m.

Do you qualify for FREE delivery? If your order is more than $75, we will gladly deliver in Jackson County, at no charge.

Send order & check to: Southern Hills Arts Council Box 149 Jackson, Ohio 45640

Call us at 286-6355 to place your credit card order Proceeds from this sale benefit the projects of the Southern HIlls Arts Council and their mission to share the arts with the community.

For questions email: info@markayjackson.org, or call 740-286-6355


Flower Sale 2016 Catalog


• "Marvin's Gardens Classic": SuperTunia Brodeaux Goldilocks Rocks Biden and White Bacopa
• Chocolate Drop Coleus
• Red/White/Royal Velvet SuperTunia
• Coralberry Punch/Pink/White Million Bells Petunia
• Double Amethyst and Bright Red Million Bells Petunia with Dark Violet Verbena
• White and Pink Million Bells Petunia with Black Velvet Verbena
• Midnight Blue, Canary Yellow, Hot Orange, Cherry, White and Hot Pink Million Bells Petunia
• White Verbena, Sky Blue Lobelia and Hot Pink Million Bells Petunia
• Light Pink and Double Amethyst Million Bells Petunia with Sky Blue Lobelia
• Dreamsicle Million Bells Petunia, Goldilocks Rocks Bidens and SuperTunia Raspberry Blast
• Deep Blue, White and Red Million Bells Petunia
• True Blue and Double Deep Yellow Million Bells Petunia, with Dark Pink Verbena
• Violet Star Charm SuperTunia, Dark Red Million Bells Petunia and Goldilocks Rocks Bidens


• Hanging Boston Fern
• Lush Bridal Veil (White)
• "Adam's Choice": Trailing Dusty Miller and Bordeaux (Lavender) Super Tunia
• Terra Cotta Million Bells Petunia
• True Blue and Canary Yellow Million Bells Petunia
• Cherry Million Bells Petunia
• Deep Yellow and White Million Bells Petunia
• Yellow Stripe (Lemon Slice) and Purple Stripe (Violet Star Charm) Super Tunia
• Latte, Orchard Charm and Mini-Bright Pink Super Tunia

HANGING BAGS: $20 EACH: • Impatiens (Assorted, Mixed) • Yellow Million Bells Petunia

12" BOWLS: $20 EACH: Impatiens: • Mix • Red/White • Pink • Violet

4 1/2" Geranium Pots: $2.50 EACH: • Pink • Violet • Red • Salmon • White

4 1/2" Dahlias Pots: $2.50 EACH • Mixed

4 1/2" Zinnias Pots: $2.50 EACH: • (Short) Mixed

4 1/2" Wave Petunia Pots: $2.50 EACH: • White • Red • Pink • Dark Blue • Magenta

5 1/2" Geranium Zonals $5.00 EACH: • White • Orange • Hot Pink • Violet • Red • Salmon

5 1/2" Lantanas $5.00 EACH: • Lemon Glow • White • Sunrise Rose • Yellow • Lavender • Flame


Begonia Green Leaf: • Pink • Red • White

Begonia Bronze Leaf: • Rose • Red Blue

Ageratum Coleus ( Mixed ) Dusty Miller

Dianthus: • Mixed • Red

Impatiens: • Orange • Pink • Red • Salmon • Violet • White • Lilac • Mixed

Marigolds Tall: • Orange • Yellow

Marigolds Dwarf: • Orange • Yellow • Disco Mix

Pansies: • Mixed (Solid Color) Petunias: • Light/Dark Pink • Dark Blue • Burgundy • Red • Salmon • White

Portulaca: • Mixed

Salvia: • Blue Victoria • Red

Snapdragons: • Dwarf, mixed • Red

Vinca: • Apricot • Burgundy • Red • Icy Pink • Polka Dot • Cora Cascade Mix


The lawn at Scott and Kayla Massie’s home was awash with
flats, pots, bags, and baskets of colorful blooms as Southern Hills
held its annual pre-order Flower Sale on May 3.